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Please keep a look out for your check in details which will be sent the evening prior to arrival. You will need these to check into the property. These details will include door codes and instructions on how to get to your rooms. Please read this information carefully and ensure that you have this ready for check in.
Parking Information
Street parking is free from 6:00pm - 8:00am
The closest carpark is The Gravel Carpark which is located a short walk away from the B&B. Here is the google maps link:
Alternatively, you are welcome to use our private carpark which is located by near to the B&B. It is secured with 2 sets of key coded bollards, which can be slightly tricky to navigate (especially in the dark) if you haven't stayed with use before.
The two codes needed to access the key code boxes will be sent the day prior to arrival with your checking in instructions
Details are as follows:
Head up Shortbridge Street, go past Parkers Restaurant that fronts onto the street and before the fork in the road you'll see a left-hand turn leading up a slight hill called The Bank, which is located next to Harold Owen Gift Shop. At the top of this bank, there may be a single yellow bollard in place. The key code box is located on the inside of the left-hand wall. Use code 1 for the first bollardPlease ensure that all numbers are aligned and pull down the toggle on the right hand-side to open the box. 
You will need to park in the small carpark opposite DRE Accountants that has a row of yellow bollards. The key code box for these bollards is located at the entrance of DRE Accountants. Use code 2 for these bollards.
To drop the bollards, use the key to unlock the padlock and remove whilst holding the bollard from the top handle. If the bollard does not lower down, you will need to push the lever at the bottome of the bollard to release it.
We are aware that this can be a lengthy process, especially late at night or in the dark. These bollards are in place as a security measure and we invite guests to find alternative parking should this prove too lengthy. 






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